Welcome To Our Farm!

          FreshoPure is an A2 Milk producing farm engaged in producing pure fresh unadulterated hormone-free healthy desi cow A2 Milk and Ghee to ensure a healthy lifestyle of our consumers.

          We produce 100% natural milk as our cows fed home grown green fodder using Dung Manure & Cow’s Urine. Apart from the green fodder, we also ensure daily feed of our cows include natural herbs and supplements like Ashwagandha, Jivanti, Shitavari, Giloi, Churi, Chokar, Sarso, Daliya, Vegetables etc.

          Our current production of desi cow A2 Milk is being distributed after fresh milking in the morning & evening directly to households in Agra.


Our Vision

Our vision is to protect, promote, nurture our desi cows and contribute in enhancing the production of extremely nutritious 100% natural A2 Cow Milk and A2 Milk products rich in A2 protein. To increase awareness about the benefits of A2 cow milk in the society for a healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission

Desi cow has become almost extinct due to operation flood, which emphasized more on increasing milk production in quantity rather than quality and all this at the cost of desi cow breeds.

FreshopureMilk is aiming at a nation of healthy people by protecting our desi cow breeds and bring more people enjoy pleasure and nutritional goodness of real and natural A2 Milk.